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part of a complete breakfast - ARE YOU EMO_CORE? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I am heaven sent... Dont you dare forget.

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part of a complete breakfast [Jan. 24th, 2005|11:24 am]
I am heaven sent... Dont you dare forget.




1. Name: Marco Aurelio Vinci II

2. Age: 15

3. Location: peabody ma

4. Tell us about yourself: my favorite movie is chasing amy, i have two
brothers, my favorite song is Cuts Marked in March of Me by coheed and
cambria, and i play dance dance revolution

5. 5-10 favorite bands: alkaline trio, atreyu, coheed and cambria,
taking back sunday, the matches, my chemical romance, the ramones,
rufio, something corporate, sublime, and thursday

6. 3 least favorite bands: good charlotte, avril, new found glory

7. Favorite book: the outsiders "classic"

8. Favorite food: brown sugar poptart

9. Favorite color: blue/black

10. Favorite quote (not from a song): "you know what the worst part
about today is??? im not even suppose to be here today!" clerks

11. Favorite lyric: "you cant make them want you. there all just laughing." taking back sunday "timberwolves in new jersey"

12. What makes you emo? i have always been one to cry about stuff, but
ever since i started high school, i was hated by everybody, depression
has gotten to me from being lonely and for my hatred towards my rents.

13. What is your definition of emo? emo is not a look its a certain
level of emotion that people go to from stuff like depression, and when
they loose someone they love(d)

14. Promote this community in at least 2 places. Post the links here. http://www.livejournal.com/community/____emo_as_fuck/


15. Why should we accept you? "you shouldnt. i look like crap." (and if
not then)  i'm a good kid to talk to or so ive been told by my
only friends out of town/state

16. Post pictures here. At least two and we must be able to see your face in one.

OPINIONS: the coolest cartoons in the world  are  family guy
and aqua teen hunger force. ipods suck never get one, learning a
foreign language in school is pointless,  gay marriage should be
legal in all states not just massachusetts, nintendo is better then
playstation, and emo girls are hawt

[User Picture]From: weary_wonders
2005-01-26 06:06 am (UTC)
yes,you added me on myspace correct?
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