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I am heaven sent... Dont you dare forget.

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part of this complete breakfast [Jan. 4th, 2005|01:23 am]
I am heaven sent... Dont you dare forget.



1. Name: Nathalie Andrews
2. Age: 15
3. Location: Canada
4. Tell us about yourself: I'm shy. I love going to plays, although I haven't gone to one in a while. I like school, and homework.
5. 5-10 favorite bands: Number One Fan, The Academy Is..., Nine Days Since, Bowling For Soup, Hanson, Ben Jelen, Still My Queen...
6. 3 least favorite bands: most screamo or ska bands, but, why does it matter?
7. Favorite book: Kathleen PLease Come Home
8. Favorite food: chicken
9. Favorite color: pink
10. Favorite quote (not from a song): I don't have one
11. Favorite lyric: safe sex, the diaphram, lacking of your self control
12. What makes you emo? who knows
13. What is your definition of emo? whatever you want it to be
14. Promote this community in at least 2 places. Post the links here. I WILL check. I'll post later, my computer doesnt like me.
15. Why should we accept you? you shouldn't, i look like crap.
16. Post pictures here. At least two and we must be able to see your face in one

I'm the one with dark brown hair.

[User Picture]From: weary_wonders
2005-01-04 10:36 am (UTC)


no,it doesnt look like you went out of your way at all for this application.
You answered in questions or didnt answer them at all.
Plus you have two pictures and they dont really show you at all.
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